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p5: Google Summer of Code progress report

What was the project about?

The main goal of the project was to create a Python library based on Processing. While Processing’s emphasis on teaching programming in a visual context does make it easier for beginners, the fact that it’s based on Java often makes it look needlessly complex to most beginners. The main motivation behind creating p5 was to leverage Python’s readability and Processing’s emphasis on coding in a visual context to make programming easier to teach.

The Python mode for Processing was also created for similar reasons, however, since Python mode was based on …

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A quick Google Summer of Code update

My proposal to the Google Summer of Code was accepted and I’ll be spending the summer working on p5. It’s a native Python library that will expose an API similar to Processing’s.

Use one of the links below to know more about the project:

I plan to use this blog to post ocassional updates about the development process/other things; there are RSS/ATOM feeds you can subscribe to if you want to follow along.

If …

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A Python Progress Tracker for Kindle

Is our reading pace consistent throughout a book? Or are there parts where we speed up and parts where we slow down? Here is a mini Python hack to investigate that using Amazon’s kindle.

The final results are graphs that help you answer:

  • How fast did I read that book?
  • How long was each reading session?
  • Where did I take the most number of notes/highlights/bookmarks?
sample run on my clippings from Stoker's 'Dracula'

This should have been slightly easier. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow you to write custom apps for your own Kindle. Which means that the only way to add this feature was jailbreak …

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A Minimal Slider Class for Processing

While putting together my music visualizer, I discovered that there was an inconsistency in the colour values I was sending to the Arduino and the actual colour that the RGB LED produced.

running the slider class

Running the slider class

The red channel of the RGB LED seemed to often dominate the other channels and I guess it’s probably due to scattering. Since the color red happens to scatter the most, it makes your whole thing inconsistent. The problem is similar to what happens when a picture taken from your camera looks slightly different on your computer screen and looks ridiculously stupid when …

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I finally moved to Github. Here are two screenshots and some thoughts.

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Music Visualizer Upgraded

Polishing the last music visualizer project to grab audio data from the computer’s output channel using the inbuilt ‘Stereo Mix’ recording device in Windows.

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Simple Music Visualizer

A simple Arduino-Processing based music visualizer that puts the glowdrons to some good use.

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